Atlantic Salmon

Matthew Smith - Quincy Pond Artist

Matthew Smith is an innovator, a creator, and a maker of things. A New Hampshire local, Matthew uses art to capture the striking beauty in marine wildlife and New England nature.

The Artist Before the Art

Raised in Brooklyn, New York, Matthew became a commercial fishing captain and put his creativity to work. He made innovative nets to catch fish in the North Atlantic, and hand-selected the finest fishing-boat crews to deploy his gear. He followed his instincts to go to places where the fish were, but the other fishermen were not.

After leaving the fishing industry, Matthew built a self-sustaining log cabin on the shore of Quincy Pond in Nottingham, New Hampshire. Here he started Quincy Pond Print Works, where he creates prints, frames them to museum standards, and makes them available to art collectors in New England and across the country.

Blue Lobster

Local Artwork by Matthew Smith

An artist and an innovator, Matthew created copper block etching as a new method of printing. His technique combines the top features of intaglio etching and relief printing to best portray the incredible color, depth, and texture in his subjects.





Marine Wildlife

Matthew Smith’s Art at Capitol Craftsman

We’re proud to support Matthew, and to distribute locally-made art from New Hampshire artists. Stop in to browse over 50 framed pieces at our Concord location (the largest in the area), and we have shipping available to the continental US. See you soon!

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The Capitol Craftsman, LLC, Jewelers  Retail, Concord, NH
The Capitol Craftsman, LLC, Jewelers  Retail, Concord, NH